Data Visualization


The Power of Data Visualization

By: Paul

Data visualization software is changing the way users view corporate data.  Users can view, manipulate and report on data in a more instinctive and interactive manner than with traditional ERP reports. 

Traditional ERP reporting tends to be static and very text and numbers-driven.  Our minds can process pictures and images much more quickly and effectively than text and numbers.  Business users recongnise this, which is why data visualization is becoming more important in their decision-making.

What data visualization software provides is not just the ability to view data in images but to interact with that data as well.  New visualization tools allow business users to move away from static tools like Powerpoint.  Tools like Storyboard in the Yellowfin BI solution allow business users to display and interact with data in real-time.

Data visualization built into web and mobile apps lets users access their data anytime and anywhere.  Business users can work with their corporate data as the data is now more accessible.  Not only can they make better decisions but they can make quicker decisions too.

New visualization tools are designed with the business user in mind.  Determining how to present data, for example how to pick the right chart, was left to the person designing the output.  But with best practice now built into the tools (like auto-chart) users can create and present their data to their audience quickly and much more effectively.

Data visualization, however, is not just about presenting data.  It is about exploring your data as well.  The ability to explore data enables you to gain deeper insights into your data.  This is a huge benefit that visualization brings to making better business decisions.

If you would like more information on data visualization, Storyboards, or the Yellowfin BI platform, please feel free to contact us.

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